Brownie Bark

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This recipe is adapted from a recipe from “the Chew” TV program. Easy and delicious!

BIDMC is looking for research study participants

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Dr. Ciaran Kelly, MD, at the BIDMC Celiac Center, is looking for biopsy-proven celiac patients (18-80 years old) who have been following a gluten-free diet but still have symptoms to participate in a research study. This clinical research study is designed to evaluate whether taking digestive enzyme supplements can help reduce persistent symptoms in patients with celiac disease who are …

Press Release: Much Needed Support for Celiac Patients to Reach Nationwide

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE           Much Needed Support for Celiac Patients to Reach Nationwide Non-profit’s education and advocacy for celiac sufferers grow to include entire U.S. Boston, MA (06/14/17) – The National Celiac Association is dedicated to the mission of educating, advocating, and outreach for individuals with celiac disease (CD) and non-celiac gluten sensitivity (NCGS), their families …

June 2017 NCA News

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Monthly e-newsletter serving the celiac and gluten-free community Welcome to the National Celiac Association (NCA) monthly e-newsletter. Sent out the first week of each month, this e-newsletter contains up-to-date information about product recalls, scientific updates, recipes, events and more! We hope that you find this montly e-newsletter to be valuable, and welcome your input for future issues. CSA members voted …

May NCA News

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Monthly e-newsletter serving the celiac and gluten free community May is celiac awareness month, and we wish you health and well-being. To help celebrate, please support celiac research through an internship. Emma Clerx has been accepted again for a 12-week summer internship program at BIDMC’s celiac research center under Dr. Dan Leffler. You supported Emma Clerx last year, and we …

Symposium Q&A from Daniel Leffler, MD, MS

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Q. How do you differentiate between a “Super sensitive” celiac and refractory celiac? Are there treatment options for either? A. Many people believe that type 1 refractory celiac disease occurs when people are so highly sensitive that there is no feasible way to be sufficiently gluten-free. There is no clinical way to differentiate these conditions, if they are indeed separate, …

Symposium Q&A from Wendie Trubow, MD

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Q. If you have anxiety and following a strict GF diet, is there anything you can do to get off your antidepressant? A. We would recommend that you first speak with your primary physician or gastroenterologist for advice. Some patients also seek guidance from a functional medicine physician.