The recipes in this section have been lovingly developed and adjusted over time to please the most discerning palate. For recipes using gluten-free flour, please note that different flour mixes can produce differing results.

We are here to help: If you have any questions about any of the recipes, contact us and we will be glad to walk you through it, adjust ingredients as necessary, or offer other options. If you have ideas, hints, or notice an error, we hope you will share those with us also.

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Beef Recipes

Beef & Chicken Kabobs
Beef Bourguignon
Beef Tenderloin - Day Ahead
Chili Taco Salad
Crepe Lasagna
Portuguese Goulash Spaghetti
Sloppy Joe Mix
Swedish Meatballs
Taco Cups

Beverage Recipes

Espresso Frappes
Iced Tea

Bread Recipes

Blueberry Buckle
Buttermilk Pancakes
Corn Fritters
Double Apple Rice Cereal Muffins
Pumpkin Squares
Sour Cream Coffee Cake
Thanksgiving Stuffing

Breakfast Recipes

Baked French Toast Casserole with Maple Syrup
Buttermilk Pancakes
Eggs in Muffin Tins
French Toast Casserole
Heavenly Hash Brown Casserole
Make Ahead Scrambled Eggs
Pear Flip Flop
Praline Topping

Casserole Recipes

Chicken Rice Casserole
Heavenly Hash Brown Casserole
Lobster Newburg
Portuguese Goulash Spaghetti
Quiche Lorraine
Quick Quesadilla
Seafood Quiche
Shrimp and Cheese Casserole

Chicken Recipes

Asian Chicken Breasts
Baked Teriyaki Chicken
Beef & Chicken Kabobs
Chicken Cordon Bleu
Chicken Divine
Chicken Piccata
Chicken Pot Pie
Chicken Rice Casserole
Chicken Salad
Chicken Tacos with Lemon
Chutney Chicken
Curried Chicken in Coconut Milk
Curried Chicken Salad in Tomatoes
Easter Chicken
Easy Chicken Marsala
General Tsao’s Chicken
Moroccan Spicy Mustard Chicken
Mustard Lime Chicken Marinade
Quick Coq au Vin
Shake and Bake Mix
Sweet and Sour Chicken

Dessert Recipes

Angel Food Cake
Apple Pie
Brownie Bark
Brownie Rolls
Carrot Cake
Chef Oonagh's Blueberry Trifle
Chocolate Chip Toffee Cookies
Chocolate Soufflé with Nutella
Chocolate Truffles
Coffee Blond Brownies
Crème de Menthe Brownie Topping
Flourless Olive-Oil Chocolate Cake
Frozen Lemon Mousse
GF Carrot Cake Jelly Roll/Swiss Roll
Ginger Snap Cookies
Ginger Snap Pie Crust
Individual Fallen Chocolate Cakes
Key Lime Pie
Key Lime Pie Shooters
Lace Cookies
Lemon Blossoms
Lemon Filling
Lemon Mousse
Lemon Squares
Meringue Cookies
Meringue Pecans
Meringue Pecans
Meringue Peppermint Cookies
Mocha Chocolate Mini Desserts
Mocha Frosting
Needham Candy
Nutella Cookies
Oonagh's Blueberry Cake
Panna Cotta
Pecan Pie
Pecan Squares
Pot de Crème
Pots de Crème
Pumpkin Ice Cream Pie with Nutty Gingersnap Crust
Ranger Cookies
Rhubarb-Strawberry Cobbler
Rocky Road Bars
Savory Pecans
Spiced Pumpkin Custard in Baby Boo Bowls
Strawberry Mousse Angel Food Cake
Strawberry Raspberry Fool
Sweetened Whipped Cream
Triple Raspberry Sauce
Yummy Easy Brownies

Fruit Recipes

Grilled Peaches
Grilled Pineapple Recipe
Grilled Watermelon

Holiday Recipes

Baked French Toast Casserole with Maple Syrup
Lobster Newburg
Make Ahead Scrambled Eggs
Meringue Pecans
Praline Topping

Hors d'oeuvres Recipes

Artichoke Dip
Cheese Dip
Chipped Beef Dip
Chutney Cheese Canopy
Chutney Cheeseball
Cold Chipped Beef Dip
Crab Dip
Dill Dip
Gruyere Crustinis
Hot Chili Dip
Jalapeño Poppers
Knorr’s Vegetable Dip
Lemon Dipping Sauce
Meatballs for Cocktails
Meringue Pecans
Peach Salsa
Shrimp Dip
Texas Caviar
Tomato Toasties
Turkey Veggies
Watermelon Salsa

Pork Recipes

Ginger Pork Tenderloin with Ginger Béarnaise
Pork Roast
Pork, Noodles, and Broccoli Slaw
Shake and Bake Mix

Salad Recipes

Blue Cheese Dressing
Broccoli Salad
Caesar Salad Dressing
Come Back Sauce
Green Salad
Honey Vinaigrette Dressing
Pacific Rim Coleslaw
Pear Salad
Quinoa, Black Bean, and Edamame Salad
Sally’s Broccoli Slaw
Shrimp and Spinach Salad with Curry Dressing
Strawberry Salad
Succotash Salad with Edamame Beans
Sweet and Crunchy Chopped Salad
Three Bean Salad

Savory Sauces

Béarnaise Sauce
Bread and Butter Pickles
Come Back Sauce
Creamy Horseradish Sauce
Cucumber Thai Sauce
Gravy for Thanksgiving
Hollandaise Sauce
Mimi’s Mad Spice Mix
Peanut Sauce
Satay Dip or Peanut Dip
Sweet Dill Refrigerator Pickles

Seafood Recipes

Champagne Fish
Crab Cakes
Fish Baked with Swiss Chard & Tomatoes
Fish Roulades
Indonesian Tofu and Shrimp Curry
Lobster Newburg
Lobster Newburg
Sautéed Scallops with a Twist
Seafood Quiche
Seared Scallops with Thai Curry Sauce
Shrimp and Cheese Casserole
Shrimp and Spinach Salad with Curry Dressing
Tomato Baked Fish
Vietnamese Shrimp Wraps

Snack Recipes

Baked Kale Chips
Crunchy Sweet Snack

Sweet Sauce Recipes

Butterscotch Sauce
Chocolate Sauce
Praline Topping
Strawberry Jam
Triple Raspberry Sauce

Vegetable Recipes

"Fried" Onion Rings
Baby Artichokes
Cheesy Cauliflower
Haricots Verts
Maple-Glazed Brussels Sprouts
Turkey Veggies
Zucchini Pancakes


Lentil and Sweet Potato Stew
Mock Tuna Salad
Spinach and Ricotta Dumplings
Spinach Frittata
Turkey Veggies
Warm Spinach Salad with Soft Poached Eggs
Zucchini Parmigianino with Tomato Sauce