Irish Cream White Chocolate Cheesecake


This is not a baked custard cheesecake. It is a gelatin set cheesecake that Chef Oonagh first made in England and continues to make. Apart from the crust there is no baking so there’s no worrying if you’ve overcooked the custard, no cracking of cheesecake, overnight cooling etc. It is very popular with Chef Oonagh’s students and clients and you …

Pot de Crème

Mark Marquis Dessert Recipes

Doubled made 12 demi-tasse cups
Smooth, rich chocolate. Fast and easy, made in the blender or food processor. Serve in little pots or in glass goblets. We took a trayful of them to a party and everyone loved them!


webmaster Vegetarian

This serves many people at once and has easy prep since you make it the night before. It also can be made in many different flavors.

Mock Tuna Salad

webmaster Vegetarian

A healthy option for vegetarians and a nice change from the same old lunch.