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The National Celiac Association is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization dedicated to educating and advocating for individuals with celiac disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivities, their families, and communities throughout the nation. Our mission continues to be both significant and essential to the celiac community.

There are different donation destinations listed below. A donation to the National Celiac Association goes towards supporting our overall mission. Other donation options such as the Gluten-Free Food Bank (GFFB), go towards supporting those specific programs.

Donate to the National Celiac Association

The New England Celiac Organization became the National Celiac Association (NCA) in June after acquiring the assets of the Celiac Support Association upon its dissolution. Now with a broader reach NCA has become a major player in the celiac community and with expansion comes the need for your support.

Donate to the Gluten Free Food Bank

The Gluten-Free Food Bank provides gluten-free food assistance to individuals across Eastern Massachusetts who have a medical need for gluten-free food but who struggle to afford this expensive diet. Your donation will help us continue to assist the gluten-free community.

2017 Annual Appeal

Learn about all the great things NCA is doing with your support.


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