Directors, Officers & Staff

Board of Directors

Wendie Trubow, MD: Email

Clerk, Education and Editor
Lauren Komack, MSW, LICSW

Membership Chair
Sherryl Radbil

Appreciation Editor
Mimi Brown

John Briggs

Bruce Homstead RD, LDN
Chuck Marble
Chris Mirick


Executive Director
Lee Graham: Email
617-262-5422 ext. 3

Managing Director
Kimberly Buckton: Email
617-262-5422 ext. 4

Gluten-Free Foodbank Director
Nicola Harrington: Email
617-262-5422 ext. 2

Client Service Rep, Recognition Seal Program
Sue Baack: Email
402-643-4101 ext. 1

Financial Service Rep, Recognition Seal Program
Roger VanOoyen: Email
402-643-4101 ext. 1

Social Media
Ashley Faghan: Email

Board of Advisors

Medical Relations
Laurie Higgins, MS, RD, LDN, CDE: Email

Outreach & Monthly Meeting Chair
Marge Rogers

Institutional Concerns
Jennifer Cawley

Shelby Brand
Carla Carter
Christy Moran MS, RD, LDN
Joelle Moroney
Liza North
Jon Papernick
Katrina Schroeder
Ellin Smith